F l o u r i s h i n g u n d e r t h e M e d i t e r r a n e a n s u n

About Anthos

Derived from the Ancient Greek word “ἄνθος” (Anthos) meaning “Flower”

We are proud to present ANTHOS, the first Greek wines distributed in the grocery market in Canada. Through passion and experience, we have carefully selected indigenous Greek grape varieties White and Red such as Moschophilero, Assyrtiko, Agiorgitiko, Roditis, Savvatiano  and Malagouzia blended with world renown international varieties such as Chardonnay and Cabernet-Sauvignon to bring forth a unique and exquisite selection from beautiful Greece.

From the vine to the barrel to the bottle. Anthos wines are produced with vinification methods that express Greece’s renowned viticulture and traditional wine making, giving the Anthos wines their unique and charming nature.



A carefully curated selection that brings the unique flavors of Greece. The wines are crafted to express the character and complexity of the vineyards they come from.


A wine that embodies the coming together of unique Greek varieties. By implementing carefully selected grape varieties, cool climate harvesting and a unique assembly of the best ingredients to life this spectacular wine. O Mylos distinctly expresses the love and passion for Greek viticulture from the vine to the bottle.


Light green color, with strong clarity and brilliance. Followed by intense and surprising aromas. A balanced taste with a pleasant acidity and exceptional freshness, round bodied, buttery, with long-lasting aftertaste of summer fruits.